Mistress Stella's arsenal

By Mistress King, Apr 9 2015 08:12AM

Energising and strenuous session with a hardy older gent. I laid out my arsenal of weapons I would be acquianting with his back buttocks and balls, and commanded him to place them in the order that I would be assailing him with. I would choose where they were applied. I had him on all fours, legs wide so I could have easy access to his cock and balls, making him arch his back and stick his arse up so the tender goods swung exposed. As my assault continued on him, and his whimpering and flinching grew greater, I relished in making him beg me to hit him harder and harder, to punish him for being a naughty boy.

I do like to push them one step further. And to do this, I lovingly rubbed Deep Heat on his already fiery bottom and abused balls. I then gave him a choice. Put his erection away untouched, or let me bring him to climax using Deep Heat as lube over the sensitive tip. You can imagine what he chose... Or can you?..