By Mistress King, Apr 26 2015 03:22PM

After a delectable evening meal, we returned to his hotel for a charged role-play session. I transformed from amicable and charming Courtesan into a sadistic and domineering Nurse. I was a mean and demanding Head Matron in a futuristic world, where men aren't allowed to cum.

Instead they are summons daily to be milked at the local collection centre, their semen collected for off-earth colonies. Protocol dictated that he humiliatingly place his head on the ground while his rump in the air, with his semen spout positioned over a glass receptable. I stretched his arse open slowly, gleefully inserting bigger and bigger dildos and plugs, all while continuing to stimulate his prostate. When I was finally able to extract the semen, it was without any satisfaction of orgasm for him. I berated him for the small amount of sperm, and said I thought he was withholding, and I would have to squeeze his balls to make sure I'd gotton out every last drop as I am owed.

Then I started milking his cock, while squeezing painfully on his nuts. He yelped and begged me to stop, but I take my semen collecting job seriously, as do I male specimens who refuse to give up the required daily amount. To make sure he didn't repeatedly withold, I made sure I kept milking him many painful squirming minutes after he came again. That will remain a timely reminder for him not to mess with Nurse Stella!

By Mistress King, Apr 13 2015 11:06AM

I went on a decadent dinner date with a dark side. I'd given my date a list of tasks to complete, and made sure he arrived with these fulfilled. Dinner was at an elegant Chinese restaurant, and we feasted well. I loved tasting the exquisite dishes, and sharing stories with him, all while knowing he was wearing frilly ladies panties, and a snug buttplug under his immaculate suit. I'm sure he was enjoying this humiliation also, as he would blush a little and squirm, when I gave him a knowing look. After dinner, we retired to his hotel room and I made him strip off. I berated him for wearing ladies panties, and what a slutty sissy he must be to wear such items. I made him show me his little sissy cock and buttplug, and mocked his small appendage. I told him that slutty little sissies like him, have to be punished, and for his punishment I would be putting pegs on his sissy cock. I enjoyed listening to his shallow panting the more pegs I put on him. The panting turned to a sharp intake of breath and sped up when I replaced the snug little butt plug, penetrating him with a large dildo that I strapped on. Putting some extra pegs on his nipples, which solicited some pitiful moans from him, I informed him that little slutty sissies get to be fucked. I opened up his arse and worked my strap on deeper into him, pounding at his prostate. He came with his dick and balls still covered in pegs, and relished his whimpering as I rapidly took the pegs off. Definitely a dinner date with quite a bit extra.

By Mistress King, Apr 9 2015 08:12AM

Energising and strenuous session with a hardy older gent. I laid out my arsenal of weapons I would be acquianting with his back buttocks and balls, and commanded him to place them in the order that I would be assailing him with. I would choose where they were applied. I had him on all fours, legs wide so I could have easy access to his cock and balls, making him arch his back and stick his arse up so the tender goods swung exposed. As my assault continued on him, and his whimpering and flinching grew greater, I relished in making him beg me to hit him harder and harder, to punish him for being a naughty boy.

I do like to push them one step further. And to do this, I lovingly rubbed Deep Heat on his already fiery bottom and abused balls. I then gave him a choice. Put his erection away untouched, or let me bring him to climax using Deep Heat as lube over the sensitive tip. You can imagine what he chose... Or can you?..

By Mistress King, Jan 22 2015 03:00AM

Dear Gents,

I head to the Southern hemisphere on the 9th of February for an extended holiday seeking sun, surf and Vitamin D.

I’m booked up before I go, but don’t fret, I will be back from the 26th of March to continue tanning your hides and tantalising your tastebuds.

While I am vacationing, I will only be contactable by email, which I hope to check semi regularly while I’m away.

So email to make your appointments for the 26th of March onwards.

Be good boys while I’m away… or else there will be trouble once I return.

x Mistress Stella